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Hooner Sled Dog Equipment - Hooner scooter-bike starter set

The Hooner scooter and bike starter set consists of the following items and by purchasing as a package you will get all these amazing products at a very heavily discounted price.

Flexible adapter fits below the handlebars and allows you to maintain correct direction and safely run your dog, it also keeps the lead away from the front wheel.

One of the lightest and most competitively priced  Bikejor arms on the market.

fits head tube, 1“ 1/8

Basic specifications

Length    500 mm

Weight    250 g


Your scooter/ bikejor line connects in the usual way around the head stock of your bike or scooter and runs along the arm and through the loop at the end of the attachment.

Never attach your line directly to any bike/ scooter attachment.

Hooner scooter/Bikejor line -

A double bungee line perfect for bikejor, scooter, skijor and canicross. It is made from the strongest tubular tape available with an integrated marine grade bungee and a low level control/ grab handle and Solid bass trigger hook.

Length (Unstretched) - 265cm

Length (Stretched) - 290cm

Total Weight - 238 grams

Necklink - 

Neckline to attach to the 2 dogs collars together. 

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Scooter or bike Starter set - bungee line, neckline and scooter attachment for 2 dogs

  • Brand: Hooner
  • Product Code: HSDS2DSK
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • £66.99

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