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Hooner Sled Dog Equipment - Decorative wolf head16cm Dreamcatcher
  • Decorative Wolf head 16cm Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher Print - Lisa Parker Wolf Head 16cm

Dreamcatchers are a great way to add colour and design to your home or workplace.

Made from a printed canvas stretched over a wooden or plastic frame, each is decorated with a selection of either beads and dyed feathers, or faux leather and ribbon.

Our range is available in assorted designs and sizes, great as a gift or as a treat for yourself.

Product Dimensions: Total Height 44cm Hoop Height 16cm Width 17cm Depth 0.5cm

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Decorative Wolf head 16cm Dreamcatcher

  • Brand: Lisa Parker
  • Product Code: DCp06q
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • £2.50