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Hooner Sled Dog Equipment - Hooner canicross starter kit 2 dog

The Hooner Canicross Package consits of the following items and by purchasing as a package you will get all these amazing products at a very heavily discounted price.

1x Hooner canicross Belt -

Hooner Cani Cross Belt is ultra light weight but still very comfy and padded . Fitted with high quality hardware, Bungee Attachment points, removable leg straps and equipment rings.

Designed to sit on the hips. This belt meets current IFSS race regulations.Fully adjustable

handmade to order

1x  2 Dog Hooner canicross line -

A 2 dog bungee line perfect for bikejor, scooter, skijor and canicross. It is made from the strongest tubular tape available with an integrated marine grade bungee and a low level control/ grab handle and Solid bass trigger hook.

Length (Unstretched) - 265cm

Length (Stretched) - 290cm

Total Weight - 285 grams

2x Hooner Hybrid PRO-

The Hooner hybrid PRO  is a very well proven harness designed by ourselves, it is perfect for all activities including cani cross and all Joring sports. Manufactured with high quality heavy weight webbing snap tested at 2.5 ton. The hybrid is fitted  with  Water proof rip stop  padded shoulder pads, a  fully adjustable Girth, swivel attachement to prevent crabbing while running, made to measure to ensure the ultimate fit.

custom manufactured please see measuring guide

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Hooner Canicross Starter Kit for 2 dogs

  • Brand: Hooner
  • Product Code: HSDCXSK2d
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  • £111.00

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