Phytopet Aqua

Phyto pet Aqua 30mlBladder and Urinary tract support.Fast acting, Liquid Botanical Extract for ease ..


Phytopet Balance

Phyto pet Balance 30mlHerbal support for hormonal Balance.Fast acting, Liquid Botanical Extract for ..


Phytopet Boost

Herbal support for stamina & lethargy, recovery from illness.Fast acting, Liquid Botanical Extra..


Phytopet Caisse mix plus 250g

The famous Essiac blend of herbs plus two added herbs traditionally used for their cleansing, immune..


Phytopet Calm

Phyto pet Calm 30mlHerbal support for Stress & Anxiety.Suitable for all petsFast acting, WORKS W..


Phytopet Dry

Phyto pet Dry 30mlHerbal support for urinary tract function and bladder control.Give daily to help m..


Phytopet Dry 2

Phyto pet Dry 2 30mlHerbal support for loose stools, squits and irratable bowel syndrome (IBS).Fast ..


Phytopet Ear Drops

Phyto pet Ear drops 30mlTraditional herbal oil combination to help soften ear wax, calm inflammation..


Phytopet Ease

Herbal combination to help ease joints and support mobility.Fast acting, combination of liquid botan..


Phytopet Eye Wash

Eye Wash 30ml A combination of herbs traditionally used for all eye infectionsSoothes irritatio..


Phytopet Focus

Focus  30ml A combination of liquid botanical extracts to help Calm and Focus your pet.Use..


Phytopet Immune Plus

Immune Plus 30mlA combination of liquid botanical extracts to help Calm and Focus your pet.Usefull t..


Phytopet Pad oil

Pad Oil 30ml Soothing, repairing, herbal oil.Use for bruised, sore, skin conditions.Easy absorb..


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